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Photography isnt the only feather in my cap.
Since taking up the photography game I have to use a lot of computer programs such as photoshop and lightroom. Whilst these are great for photo processing they have also allowed me to pick up a lot of design skills. For example I have had to design my own logo, my website, business cards and others. Ive watched hundreds of youtube videos and read loads of websites to get to know how to do this stuff. Its a bit mind numbing at times but it is extremely helpful.

A few people have noticed how handy im becoming with this sort fo thing and I was approached to deisgn a couple of advertisements for local businesses that will be placed in the program for our local galaday.

Here are the Designs:

First up is ‘L School Of Dance‘ :-

L School Of Dance – Advertisement Design

I do all the photography for them during their shows and its always fun working with the girls. I also designed their website

Lauras Cake Crumbs

Since I done a good job there I was then asked to create another for ‘Lauras Cake Crumbs’ :-

Lauras Cake Crumbs – Advertisement Design

She has made some cracking cakes recently and it is good fun working with all the cute colours that you associate with a modern bakery. It really lets my imagination flow.  She made some tremendous x-rated cupcakes rcently for my sisters hen party. If you need any custom cakes for any occasion you should check out her facebook page or drop her an email [email protected]

If you are around Shotts at the last Saturday in June then you can see our local galaday or you can purchase the fund raising program throughout the town in the run up to the event. Im sure itll be a successful event. We just need to hope the rain stays off!

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