Corporate Portraits

Corporate Portraits

Recently in January  I was asked to take corporate portrait photographs for Munro consulting Group on various sites in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow. Using my mobile studio setup I took various headshots of all the staff over 3 days.

Having corporate portraits taken of your staff can really give a professional uniform look to any websites, social media or company literature that shows pictures of your staff. A variety of colours can be used on the backdrop to suit your companies colour scheme or shots can be done on site showing e.g. an office background .Here we opted for the neutral grey as it has a very modern corporate and minimalist feel to the images.

It’s never easy getting your photo taken in these circumstances when you aren’t a professional model but all the staff were great and it really  shows in their photos. You can see a few samples below.

Corporate portraits, Glasgow Corporate portraits Corporate portraits

Corporate portrait photography Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

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