Wedding Album Showcase

Heres a recent album that arrived and I thought Id show it off to everyone.

I know we live in a digital age and sometimes we forget to print our pictures (I am the worst!). Theres something nice about getting your photos printed out. Its nice to have something tangible in your hand. These will be treasured forever.
As an extra on your wedding package these are the traditional style of albums I offer. They will last you a lifetime and really have the wow factor to show off your wedding pictures.

Each album comes in its own presentation box.
Your album can be personalised with laser etching onto the cover. It gives a lovely finish.
Your photos are printed onto thick bound card inserts. These dont bend or fade.
Albums are whats called ‘lay flat’ style. You can spread your photos over two pages. Because the pages dont bend we can use all the space and print them across the spine. Once the album opens they ‘lay flat’ and look like one large page.
I offer a complete design service. I would always show you the layout electronically before anything is ordered.

This specific album is a 14×10″ with faux leather cover and 15 spreads (30 pages). I do like black as itll never go out of fashion! Although there is a large range of sizes, covers and colours to choose from. This size costs £350.

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